December 10, 2018

As Innovation Advisors, an important part of our work is ensuring that clients understand the future, and identify critical uncertainties and understand emerging opportunities, markets, customer segments and threats with enough time and information to act. We use foresighting best practices and a structured methodology to overcome the uncertainty our clients face when preparing for the future.

stevia plant
November 29, 2018

Susan Mayer, CFS, and Jamie Pero-Parker Ph.D. share their extensive experience and provide product examples that illustrate strategies taken to reduce sugar, and explain how considering the function of sugar using the DFV framework results in effective strategies for sugar reduction to be developed quickly.  They review the definitions of desirability, feasibility, and viability from a design thinking perspective, and consider the functions of sugar that influence each aspect.

spoonful of sugar
November 9, 2018

In their article Using Design Thinking to Increase Sugar Reduction Options in Consumer Food Products - the first in a two-part series - Susan Mayer CFS and Jamie Pero Parker, PhD., suggest that design thinking may be the answer to the dilemma of creating food products that consumers enjoy and want to purchase while respecting the goal of improved health through reduced sugar.

Innovation Advisor Jim Redden and other profesionals who support BEST NC
October 4, 2018

Since 2014 RTI International has supported BEST NC, a coalition of business leaders who are committed to improving North Carolina’s education system through policy and advocacy. Innovation Advisor Jim Redden along with Olivia Rice, Education Research Analyst, and Laura Knapp of RTI's Education and Workforce Development share their thoughts on BEST NC, RTI's work with the group, and plans for 2019.  

ryan dennis of ICO alert, blockchain
October 3, 2018

Leading up to our SPRINGBOARD Conference on intelligent systems on October 23-24 at RTI International, Jeffrey Philipps chatted with Ryan Dennis of ICO Alert about blockchain – its potential, barriers to adoption, the hype and more.

white board with goals written on it
August 28, 2018

Our August issue includes a forward look to our SPRINGBOARD Conference on intelligent systems, regenerative medicine technologies we're following and why, work related to cannabis edibles and more.