Addressing Chemicals of Concern

Image of flasks to indicate chemicals of concern

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There’s growing concern that some chemicals in fast-moving consumer goods – personal care and food – may have short or long-term negative environmental and health impacts. Companies and consumers are looking more closely at product labels and questioning the chemicals in the products.  

In response, companies are revisiting chemical policy strategies. They’re working with us on how to identify and reduce or eliminate certain potentially harmful substances in their products, supply chains, and operations.  As clients want to improve sustainability efforts companywide, they’re including initiatives related to chemicals of concern (CoC).  

With our world-class laboratories and technical expertise, we help organizations

  • understand the chemistry and sources of chemicals of concern (CoC) 
  • build awareness of CoC approaches used by competitors and retailers domestically and globally 
  • identify sustainable alternatives to CoC  
  • uncover insights related to trends, competitors’ policies, and internal efforts to address CoC. 
  • summarize the approaches that competitors and advocacy groups are pursuing related to ingredients and packaging.
  • define chemical monitoring and policy strategies.  

We provide actionable findings that organizations use to draft chemical monitoring and policy strategies to address their CoC. Our insights include existing and emerging CoCs organizations need to know, trends and signals that indicate emerging CoC, and recommendations on which CoCs to address and how.  

The chemicals of concern space is complicated. We can help you navigate the space and position you to introduce the changes consumers want.  

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