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CPG companies must adopt new technology due to the increasing demand on productivity, new processing options based on higher technology equipment, and the Food Safety Modernization Act requirements. Our Food Industry Sector Lead Susan Mayer shares recommendations on how CPG companies can tackle the challenges of assessing and adopting new technology. 

Consumer Goods Sector Lead Cary Strickland shares his views on why CPG companies will need to incorporate AI in their products and business processes to remain competitive. 

New Jersey-based Susan Mayer recently attended the New Jersey Food Processors Association annual conference and shares her views on what local resources mean to innovation. Read her take-aways from the annual conference as they relate to innovation and growing your business. 

What's driving the Do It For Me (DIFM) trend? How can services and products align to the trend and respond to the consumers' goals of convenience and optimizing time? Cary Strickland shares his point of view. 

Consumer packaged goods sector lead Cary Strickland looks at the shift from do-it-yourself to do-it-for-me and what that shift means for consumer packaged goods brands.  

Our innovation work with food clients often focuses on how to formulate products to meet consumer preferences, tastes or trends. Our food industry sector lead Susan Mayer shares why and how we use the Desirability-Feasibility-Viability (DFV) Framework to help our clients innovate successfully.

Joanna Rogerson, our Agriculture Sector Lead, weighs in on developments in the clean meat movement, shares what manufacturers who want to compete in the space will need to focus on, and highlights our work in the alternative protein space. 

Leslie Wainwright, RTI Innovation Advisors

As leaders, we are accustomed to the introduction of new management tools which enable us to better plan, grow and operate our organizations. Often these tools are analytically driven and offer aggregated data/reports to drive decision making.