Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Logistics

Our client, a leading provider of data and analytics services in supply chain logistics, had expended significant time and resources on previous digital transformation efforts. Despite the investments, they had not seen the ‘promise of advanced analytics’ materialize within their organization.

Our client brought us in to identify worthwhile artificial intelligence projects and define the product development pipeline.  We used our project portfolio tool to help our client plan and manage their digital transformation by defining and clarifying the benefits of a digital strategy.

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Realizing the Promise of Advanced Analytics

As the first step, we conducted an organizational Digital Evolution Assessment.  Despite our client’s strengths related to technology and data management, our results showed that the organization needed greater alignment across executives’ and business units’ support of the vision and plan to develop advanced analytics as an organizational capability.  In addition, roles were difficult to define, and collaboration was hampered as business units did not consistently know when and how best to use their internal advanced analytics group.

To address the organizational challenges, we facilitated a discussion with the executive leadership to identify the core challenges; in doing so established a shared language for digital transformation.  Using a design-thinking approach, we customized our project portfolio tool to the specific characteristics of our client’s organization.  This enabled the client to screen and prioritize advanced analytics projects against

  • their attractiveness from a business perspective and
  • the organization’s capacity to successfully execute each project.

We provided a process that defined the criterion for success and aligned key internal stakeholders’ needs against each opportunity, which resulted in improved project prioritization, greater organizational alignment with executives and buy-in for the advanced analytics projects selected.

Pairing our project portfolio tool with a customized internal advanced analytics education and communication plan led to greater organizational awareness of the value of advanced analytics, and an understanding of how they could realize the promise of advanced analytics and position themselves as a market leader in their sector.

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