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Exploring Blockchain and Intelligent Systems to Manage Food Safety

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 48 million Americans get sick every year due to foodborne illnesses; in 2016, the related costs — medical treatment, lost productivity, death related to the illness – were approximately $55.5 billion. Food safety issues and requirements are driving a growing interest in digital technologies to prevent illness and our client recognized the potential of these technologies to improve food safety, traceability and tracking, and came to us for solutions.

Our client wanted to understand the landscape of digital and data-driven tools that enable and manage food traceability and safety, and which tools were most appropriate for their needs. The project scope included blockchain, artificial intelligence, and data analytics approaches.


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Landscaping Digital Ledger Tools

We landscaped emerging digital ledger tools for the food supply chain and food safety. With a focus on real-world food safety, we analyzed relevant digital technology and considered supply-chain infrastructure, interoperability, and other issues that impact how these technologies would apply. We profiled companies that are developing these tools and applying them to food safety, defined how each option functions, and compared the different tools.

We also created a custom evaluation matrix that uses fundamental categories to organize options from our landscaping report and provided a set of relevant criteria to use to assess and compare technology options. As our client continues to assess its current needs and future goals related to food safety and technology, they are using the matrix tool and dashboard to track and compare emerging technologies and choose and implement new digital technologies.

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