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Using Foresighting for Long-Term Strategic Planning

Our client, a global agrichemical firm, acquired a competitor in a complementary market. The client wanted to extend their planning horizon beyond the near-term and develop a long-range strategic vision that incorporated global trends influencing agriculture and anticipated emerging opportunities.

The newly-combined leadership team tapped our team to define a collaborative long-range purpose, vision, and strategic plan to align the organization globally,  move them from short-term and reactionary to long-term and proactive, and ensure their continued relevance.

We used foresighting to define an agrochemical firm's long term success

Uncovering Opportunities and Threats

We identified and analyzed megatrends in the agriculture sector including

  • land productivity
  • consumer trends
  • climate change
  • water usage
  • emerging technologies

We uncovered opportunities and threats and defined possible scenarios and consequences. In collaboration with the executive leadership team, we developed and expanded insights within each major trend and created a decision and planning framework to assess the implications and place them into strategic planning time horizons.

As we completed the foresighting process, the leadership team had agreed on the critical issues to address immediately and which were less urgent. Through collaboration, the leadership team defined the organization’s purpose, vision, and strategic focus for the next five-10 years.

Today, the organization uses our planning framework for their strategic investment and portfolio development activities as part of their annual planning cycles. The team continues to incorporate megatrend analysis into their annual strategic planning, and this supports their ongoing foresighting work.

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