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Planning for Intelligent Systems with Foresighting

IRI, a global leadership organization, wanted to offer its members an immersive exploration of how intelligent systems would impact their operations. We created and ran for IRI a year-long foresighting program that focused on the potential impacts of artificial intelligence and smart systems on the members’ organizations.

We developed a unique foresighting process, created learning modules, and planned events through which attendees

  • accessed early market signals,
  • connected with new start-up organizations,
  • examined technologies,
  • learned through immersive experiences, and
  • gained insights from thought leaders.


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Preparing for the Future of Intelligent Systems

Our immersive experience culminated in a two-day conference, Preparing for the Future of Intelligent Systems. Over 100 corporate leaders convened to strategize on how to

  • apply the year’s findings to their organizations
  • immerse themselves in future scenarios
  • identify emerging opportunities and potential threats and
  • anticipate and respond to the implications of adopting intelligent systems.

Attendees learned how trends in intelligent systems would reshape their businesses or industries; immersed themselves in tomorrow’s technologies to prepare for informed action; and heard from thought leaders how intelligent systems would impact strategic planning and talent, portfolio, and project management.

We positioned corporate leaders to identify and prepare for the challenges and opportunities of smart and intelligent systems and shape their innovation and business strategies as a result.

[This process] allowed us We are leveraging the foresighting process to build our roadmap and plans for pilot projects with follow-on scalability across the company. Steven Moskowitz, Entegris
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