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Futureproofing Strategic Planning Through Foresighting

Clients often come to us for advice and direction on how to make better strategic decisions and inform their long-range strategic planning. To accomplish this, we use strategic foresighting. Because this approach provides insights into longer time horizons (typically five-10 years), it is beneficial when uncertainty is high, and organizations don’t know how industry forces will unfold.

When a global consumer products company needed to identify industry-related insights that would inform their R&D resource allocation and guide technology roadmaps, we introduced them to foresighting.

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To meet our client’s secondary objective of ensuring that leaders throughout the organization also had access to insights that inform their strategic plans, we collaborated with dozens of stakeholders and decision-makers in a two-day workshop.

Participants identified and prioritized trends that will influence the consumer relationship with their products over the next 10 years. And, using these trends, we immersed participants in a series of collaboratively developed scenarios that illustrated potential future environments and identified emerging opportunities and threats.

At project completion, decision-makers had identified technology areas where additional investments were needed immediately and provided these recommendations to leadership.

More importantly, we introduced a new mindset, process, and toolset that our client can and will continue to use – well after our collaboration – to explore alternate futures that inform strategic decision making and position the organization to compete effectively

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