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Identifying Markets, Securing Funding for Water Technology Startup

Founded in 2008, Micronic Technologies is commercializing an advanced water treatment technology that removes virtually all contaminants from practically any water source and purifies to potable water standards. In the United States alone 69% of water used is wasted. This translates to approximately 90 trillion gallons of wastewater suitable for reuse.  Micronic’s technology has potential application in water purification for drinking water; municipal wastewater treatment and reuse; and industrial process water treatment for multiple sectors including oil and gas, agricultural, food and beverage, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical. We helped this woman-owned small business identify commercial markets, secure additional funding, and identify commercialization partners.

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From ideation to startup incubator

Micronic Technologies had identified many potential markets and applications, but as a startup they needed focus.  We used our technology-driven market intelligence process to
  • validate and prioritize commercial markets
  • define the company’s go-to-market strategy
  • secure $650K in funding to develop and validate a field prototype and
  • connect out client with leading firms in the water technology space.

Micronic is working with a leading global architecture, engineering and consulting firm to validate the technology in different applications. The company was also one of seven recently chosen from 188 applications worldwide to join the startup incubator Pipeline H20 which identifies and commercializes promising water-based startup technologies. We continue to collaborate with the company to further refine its business strategy and investor pitch.

The market study RTI [Innovation Advisors] provided […] gave us laser focus on our market, critically needed to attract institutional funding and strategic partners.
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