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Ensuring Advances in Sustainable Packaging 

Provide the purest foods. Promote consumer health. Offer natural ingredients to sustain people and the planet. Create products that nurture customers. As innovation consultants in a mission-driven organization, we support many food industry clients who embrace impactful missions and values. 

Often, a commitment to sustainability underlies our clients’ strategic goals. They place similar importance on the packaging that surrounds and protects their products as they do on what goes into their products. 


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Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies are also rethinking packaging in response to trendsAs more governments regulate packaging and more consumers want sustainable packaging, more of our clients are taking note. Some want to increase functionality, harness more sustainable chemical or biochemical building blocks, and develop novel resins and blends. Others want to create mono– or multi-layer filmsuncover state of the art high-barrier enabling materials, and understand new processes — while reducing plastic production and environmental impact.  

Our FMCG clients are looking for new sustainable packaging materials and solutions that maintain or exceed the capabilities and functionality of their current packagingBetter yet, the new packaging must reduce environmental impact by facilitating recyclability or accelerated biodegradation.  

Widentify paper-, fiber-, and polymer-based packaging solutions and technologies and provide technologies and provide the specifications our clients need to make informed decisions. We keep a keen eye on important details like FDA food contact approval statusoxygen and water vapor transmission rate, and standards and certifications for biodegradability, recyclability, and compostingWe landscape available technologies and research the organizations using or manufacturing these materials. We prioritize the technologies based on their ability to meet our clients’ needs. For groups that are looking outside of their organizations for novel packaging, we scout for partners to develop new materials for specific food types and formats. We researchinterview, and evaluate manufacturers to find the right fit 

Our work in sustainable packaging spans technology developments, production scale-up, consumer applications, and end of life regulations. We enable clients to progress towards their sustainability goals – from reducing or eliminating plastic waste to ensuring ethical sourcing and promoting recyclability, compostability, or biodegradability 

What is the plastic packaging challenge we can help you solve?  

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