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Transforming a Global Supply Chain

A global healthcare company approached us when it wanted to transform its global supply chain innovation. A recognized leader worldwide for its innovation across operations, the organization’s 100,000+ employees in over 200 operating companies worldwide countries are encouraged to bring innovative ideas, products, and services to advance the company’s mission.

Given complex and rapidly advancing technologies, the company needed

  • a broader view of and more structured approach to external sources of inspiration and innovation
  • to keep pace with emerging technology
  • to more proactively identify the best technology providers and development partners to support their global supply chain R&D.

We worked with the client to transform its global supply chain innovation by building its technology intelligence competencies and capabilities – including technology forecasting, landscaping and scouting.

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Impacting Innovation Through Customized Training

Leading up to our technology intelligence training workshop we held discovery and planning sessions with the client. We also helped the client identify existing supply chain projects that we would work on during the workshop. Using these client-specific insights we developed a customized technology training workshop and materials that reflected the organization’s internal systems, processes and best practices.

We taught participants to use our training methodology and materials, and incorporate our structured process for technology intelligence gathering to support their technology forecasting, landscaping and scouting efforts. Through experiential learning, the participants used our tools, templates, and techniques to improve their external research and internal collaboration. We provided participants with these tools and templates and they continue to use them in scouting projects, to educate internal stakeholders, and to impact their innovation efforts.

Through our training, 20 global technical fellows refined their skills to search more efficiently search and find the most viable technologies; reduce the time to vet and acquire the right technologies; and improve the organization’s innovation efforts and outcomes. Today we provide mentoring and co-researching on projects as the client expand its training to its European divisions.

As a result of training, I'll use a more structured process and pay much more attention to educating the business on our technology options. Technical Fellow, Global Supply Chain R&D
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