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Guiding R&D Portfolio Planning for Water Processing Technologies

Our food and beverage client wanted to explore technology for water processing as part of developing their R&D strategy. Their interest was in innovative opportunities across the full range of hydration for consumers and water filtration inside and outside the home.  Just as important was an understanding of how potential technologies could be sustainable for the company and consumers. 

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Using stakeholder input, we clarified our clients’ strategic business priorities and identified how they could achieve those goals while adhering to sustainability objectives. We segmented the project into three focus areas and provided a market landscape of premium hydration products and a technology landscape of products that improve water quality and taste. Through research on the state of the science, we also identified technologies that would improve the cost, performance, and efficiencies of water processes in bottling plants.  

By combining the organization’s strategic focus with the technologies defined as priorities, we identified  

  • four strategic areas for innovation in water processing and 
  • promising water processing technologies that could enable key business opportunities over the short term.   

We summarized the trends, drivers, and technologies in our client’s key focus areas and profiled the technologies and players. Our client used our insights during strategy development and R&D planning, relying on our work to identify technologies to pursue.  

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