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  • Struggling to understand the science of cannabis?

    Are you a food, ingredient and CPG company – from start-ups to established brand – that's working to create unique products that incorporate bio-actives (CBD, CBG, CBC) from hemp and cannabis? We can help you understand the science behind the health and wellness claims related to cannabis, the research around cannabis-infused products, and our body’s endocannabinoid system. 

  • Know the Science — of Cannabis

    Lawrence Blume's and Susan Mayer's advice to food and beverage companies considering cannabis in product development? Start with the science.

  • Where Does Corporate Innovation Go From Here?

    As the pace of change accelerates, what will the next innovation era demand? What’s important for the next 20 year of innovation? We've identified five factors that matter.

  • Capitalize on the Pace of Change

    What are the five critical topics that R&D leaders need to re-evaluate in the context of the current research environment to ensure that their programs are positioned for success? We tell you in our webinar.

  • Successful Innovation in Natural Consumer Products

    We offer recommendations to ensure you find the ingredients, processes, or other enabling technologies that you need to develop new natural products – and succeed.


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