Food and Agriculture

Exploring the Future of Sugar Reduction

Studying the use of high-intensity sweeteners in the food industry Objective To study the landscape of high-intensity sweeteners and the global forces shaping their future. Approach RTI Innovation Advisors answered key questions for our client around high-intensity sweeteners. We identified trends, explored the landscape of emerging high-intensity sweeteners, and researched the impacts of high-intensity sweeteners […]

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Reformulating With Natural Preservatives

Preservatives are used broadly in home, personal care, food, and beverage products to ward off pathogenic organisms and slow spoilage. They contribute to extending a product’s shelf-life and ensure product safety. Following years of negative attention on preservatives, brand owners are addressing concern in response to emerging regulatory action and consumer outcry. Federal legislation was

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image of ingredients that can be used to innovate

Green and Clean Labeling: Uncovering Natural Sources of Ingredients

Many of our food manufacturing clients are overhauling their formulations. They want to create flavors, colors, and textures with ingredients that represent the natural world’s inherent simplicity and ingenuity. They’re asking us to help them identify natural sources of ingredients to replace traditional, often synthetic, ones.

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