Change Management: A Key to Digital Transformation

Change is hard and uncomfortable

If your organization is considering or starting its digital transformation, your change management needs will be significant. Why? Because you’ll need to prepare not only for a faster pace of change but also for a greater degree of changeTo further complicate your digital transformation, most people naturally resist change because it takes them out of their comfort zone. This resistance to change may explain why 70 percent of digital transformation initiatives fail.  


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Engage Your Organization  

In our work with our clients on their digital transformation, we have observed that barriers to success are often not due to technical challenges, but to a misalignment of “softer” skills. We’ve seen organizations struggle with the change management and communication that digital transformation requires. Digital transformation success comes from ensuring that change management issues are proactively addressed.  

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) created an infographic highlighting the factors needed for successful change management in digital transformation. A key piece to success iengaging your organization. This includes planning the project timeline, communicating the future state, and empowering your organization.  While the HIMSS’ focus is on healthcare, their information can be applied to all types of digital transformation initiatives.  

Learn from Past Efforts 

In our collaboration with organizations that seek to digitally transform, my colleagues and I have observed and assessed what works and what is important. It takes a systemwide approach to ensure a successful digital transformation, and people play a central role. Overlooking change management can result in failed digital transformation efforts.  

Change management is only one of six key organizational aspects necessary for evaluating digital transformation; the other five are strategy, organizational structure, resources, technology & data, and offerings & opportunities.  

If you want to know which proactive measures you can take to support your successful digital transformation, take our  Digital Alignment Survey. We’ll score your results and provide curated content to help you understand how digital transformation is manifesting within your organization.

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