Compass: Strategic Innovation Assessment

Let us improve your organization’s innovation capacity.

We've updated our strategic assessment - Compass - that you can use to evaluate your innovation environment. The assessment focuses on five key pillars, or success factors, that we've identified as critical to innovation success: strategy, structure, resources, culture, and capabilities.

Focus on Five Pillars of Innovation 

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You can easily share our assessment with employees at any level of your organization - entry-level to executive - and collect their responses about the five pillars. From this assessment, your team can identify strengths to build on and gaps or weaknesses to address. See an image of the assessment's opening page below.

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Combine the Online Assessment With Workshops 

We combine our online survey with structured, on-site workshops that help you understand your organization's innovation capabilities. The results

  • provide you with an evidence-based understanding of your organization's innovation environment,
  • highlight organizational strengths,
  • diagnose gaps to address to improve innovation outcomes, and
  • enable you to define actions to improve innovation capability and capacity.

To learn more about Compass and how your organization can benefit from it, contact Jeffrey Phillips.

Our strategic assessment is offered through our Strategic Innovation Services; learn more about those offerings


Our clients tell us ... 

After completing the survey and the subsequent workshop, our leadership team was able to identify quickly key issues that were creating barriers for innovation in our business.  We identified alignment challenges across the executive team and communication and cultural challenges across the organization.  The Compass assessment helped us build on existing strengths and identify the factors we needed to change to drive more innovation.  The assessment was a valuable tool in helping to improve our innovation capacity.

Chief Technology Officer 
Fortune 500 CPG company