Developing Smart and Connected Devices in Consumer Products

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Smart and connected devices are ubiquitous in today’s busy life.  While we’re accustomed to using these devices inside our homes, a leading lawn care equipment manufacturer wanted to understand the growing opportunities to bring automation and connectivity to consumers’ outdoor living spaces. Our client needed help framing the opportunity to use smart, connected technology to change how they offer services and better meet customers’ needs. 

Providing Insights to Support Product Development 

To help our client understand the connected device opportunity, we uncovered answers to issues including: 

  • market trends and customers’ needs
  • technology developments around lawncare
  • regulatory developments that impact or curtail opportunities 
  • opportunities for lawncare as a service or other innovative business models 
  • technology areas to invest in 
  • development partners to engage
  • ideal timing for entry and what should entry look like. 

We validated our client’s vision of a new business line of automated, integrated yard care products and provided critical information on product prioritization, a modified business model, potential technology partners and timing of market entry.  

If you are considering when and how to move into smart, connected devices for consumers or prosumers, we can help you uncover answers and opportunities based on your market presence and products.  

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