Exploring the Future of Intelligent Systems using Foresighting

Pittsburgh, PA

Do you want to understand what artificial intelligence, autonomous robots, and smart systems will mean for you, or your company and industry? Do you need a structured approach to consider the future of these technologies and position your company to leverage them?

At the IRI Annual Conference  – Innovation Unleashed: Physical Meets Digital – Jim Redden and Tom Culver will teach participants how to use foresighting tools, provide an overview of trends in intelligent systems technologies, and explore the implications of emerging intelligent systems on our organizations. Through hands-on learning, participants will be immersed in the drivers of change shaping the future of intelligent systems, use critical uncertainties to create alternate future scenarios, and uncover critical insights about the impacts of possible futures on their organizations.

The audience will receive

  • An introduction to foresighting tools and a structured foresighting process;
  • A set of curated learning modules covering intelligent systems topics;
  • A set of drivers of change that will shape the future of intelligent systems; and
  • Planning worksheets to help you think about and plan for next steps in your organization.
Image of Tom Culver working with clients on foresighting and scenario planning
Jim Redden
Tom Culver

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