Sustainable Foods Summit


Are you a food or ingredient firm whose supply chain has been disrupted during the pandemic? And are you taking a closer look at your sources as you look to build a more resilient supply chain?

Join Susan Mayer, CFS at the Sustainable Foods Summit for a conversation around the supply chain and sustainability. In her discussion, she combines product, design thinking, and sustainability to position the audience to more effectively

  • approach sustainability, and what to consider
  • choose ingredients and materials based on sustainability needs
  • evaluate the supply chain for true sustainability
  • anticipate and understand important packaging considerations for products and take out post-COVID-19.

Susan will highlight the importance of defining and prioritizing sustainability goals and deadlines to achieve them; setting sustainability targets that best fit the corporate strategy, and are achievable and meaningful; and incorporating the human-centered design framework:  Desirability, Feasibility, Viability (DFV).

Audience members will understand how to apply the DFV framework to sustainability in ingredients and packaging, and across the supply chain.

image of innovaiton analyst Susan Mayer hosting a design thinking workshop
Susan Mayer, CFS

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