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Optimize Your Technology Commercialization Process

Do you need a simple, powerful tool to improve your technology portfolio management and guide inventors through commercialization readiness?

We created iCanvas for inventors and portfolio managers who want to assess, portray, and communicate commercial maturity stages for their technology-based inventions.

Much like a diagnostic tool, iCanvas users progress sequentially through questions related to

  • technology readiness,
  • intellectual property status,
  • development resources,
  • business strategy, and
  • market fit.

The framework returns results that ensure your organization accurately understands a technology’s or invention’s commercialization readiness.


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Our clients – universities, institutes, startup accelerators, government labs – use iCanvas to track their portfolios of new ventures or technologies. Clients tell us iCanvas

  • educates inventors quickly
  • facilitates communication with stakeholders and
  • provides an accurate assessment of commercial maturity and risk.

Considering iCanvas for your team?

The framework reveals data that you can use to track the performance of your new venture teams, allocate resources more wisely, identify and correct potential trouble spots in the commercialization process, and make investment decisions with better ROI.

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