Green and Clean Labeling: Uncovering Natural Sources of Ingredients

image of ingredients that can be used to innovate

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With the movement towards clean and green, increasingly, consumers are reading labels and making purchasing decisions on what they see. And these consumers want short labels with ingredients they recognize and names they can pronounce. Manufacturers are responding by limiting or changing the ingredients they use.

Many of our food manufacturing clients are overhauling their formulations to create flavors, colors, and textures with ingredients that represent the inherent simplicity and ingenuity of the natural world. From preservatives to flavors, texturants, emulsifiers, and more, our clients are reconsidering their ingredient choices. More often, they are asking us to help them identify natural sources of ingredients to replace traditional, often synthetic, ones.

Informing Internal Research and Development

As scientists, we embrace the opportunity to scrutinize the natural world and excavate interesting compounds and organisms that may reveal novel approaches or solutions to our client’s challenges. When we collaborate with clients that seek natural ingredients, our in-house chemistry and food science team scrutinize microbial, plant, and animal systems in pursuit of tomorrow’s technologies. We analyze the scientific literature, from biotechnology to materials, food science, and pharmaceutical industries. We research broadly to capture a diverse menu of potential solutions. We study protein structure and stability to understand how they might invoke and sustain flavors and textures. We consider the genetic machinery of microorganism factories to hypothesize about the future of food ingredient manufacturing.

When we consider technologies, we think beyond a specific product. Rather, we consider synergy across various food and beverage products. We educate our clients on technologies that exist and those that have untapped potential for an unmet need. Using metrics to semi-quantitatively gauge potential, we compare and contrast technologies. We recommend those that should be pursued, and advise on whether there is in-house capability to do so, or if a partnership is a more strategic option.

Our clients use our insights to inform their internal R&D efforts. And our work has led our clients to form strategic partnerships or to invest in startups and other companies that are developing game-changing technologies. As innovation advisors, we are passionate about these opportunities to inspire, be inspired, and turn knowledge into practice.

As labels become a focal point for purchasing decisions, we can help your organization find natural solutions to your toughest food science challenges.

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