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  • Digital Transformation: Make the Leap to Industry 4.0

    Higgins Hotel, New Orleans, LA

    At the Innovation Leaders Network, Tom Culver hosts the IRI Digital Transformation Community (DXC) for a deep dive into digital transformation.  He brings to participants extensive insights on how legacy organizations are making the leap to Industry 4.0 and over 20 years helping companies solve their toughest innovation challenges.  Tom shares lessons learned in his

  • Using Design Thinking for Product Development

    Chicago, IL

    Why the interest in design thinking and human-centered design? Because it’s an approach that we know improves product development. Our two-day short course – offered through IFT —  introduces participants to design thinking and highlights why it’s one of the best tools for all stages of product development. Whether your company makes consumer products, ingredients,


Recent News

  • Our Work in Natural Language Processing: Lessons Learned

    Want to better understand how to give your NLP projects the best chance of success? Watch Peter Baumgartner presentation "Applied Natural Language Processing: Lessons from the Field" from his participation at spaCy IRL 2019 in Berlin, Germany,

  • The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

    In our work to position our clients to plan their digital futures and drive their digital transformation, we routinely address questions they have around the ethics of artificial intelligence.

  • Digital Evolution, Science of Cannabis, and Solving the Plastic Packaging Challenge

    Are you working in food or agriculture and need to understand the science of cannabis? Does your organization need to know how to integrate digital transformation and understand its impact on your strategy and business operations? Or are you trying to solve your plastic packaging challenge? We address the questions and more in our June newsletter.


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