RTI Innovation Advisors, Air Force CyberWorx Enter into Partnership Intermediary Agreement

RTI Innovation Advisors

RTI Innovation Advisors (IA) is engaging industry partners from nontraditional, small, and medium-sized companies to support a two-day Air Force CyberWorx event. The Morpheus Commercial Solutions for Classified on August 12-13, 2020 combines government stakeholders and users with industry experts; the goal is a better understanding of emerging security and encryption technologies.

Attendees will explore use cases to protect government data while allowing Airmen to access classified information safely from any location. The event builds on  IA’s 50-years of identifying industry partners with technologies and expertise to solve complex challenges.

IA entered into a Partnership Intermediary Agreement with Air Force CyberWorx in late 2019.  Through the Agreement, IA supports the organization’s mission to prototype solutions to Air Force and Department of Defense problems with a focus on user needs.

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