Digital Evolution, Science of Cannabis, and Solving the Plastic Packaging Challenge

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Struggling to Weed Through the Science of Cannabis?

Are you a food or CPG company that needs to understand the challenges of cannabis? We ensure our clients understand the chemistry, physiology, and safety of cannabis, CBD and hemp-based ingredients so they can make informed decisions about entering this rapidly growing market. Our advice to clients? Start with the science. Product development teams considering cannabis edibles should start with a science and evidence-based understanding of our body’s endocannabinoid system.

Ensure Your Successful Digital Transformation

Does your organization need to know how to integrate digital transformation and understand its impact on your strategy and business operations?   Through our digital transformation services we position our clients for a successful digital future: Digital Revolution and Digital Evolution.

Solve Your Plastic Packaging Challenge

As the public becomes increasingly concerned about packaging waste, clients are coming to us for solutions to their plastic challenge. We’ve defined plastic packaging waste reduction strategies, identified alternative materials, and evaluated technology-based options for plastic waste to energy conversion, recycling, and upcycling.

We bring to clients

  • knowledge of the current state of technologies for processing waste plastics into electricity and liquid fuels in the US and globally,
  • state-of-practice studies we performed to help government and commercial clients understand potential environmental and economic performance of emerging plastics conversion technologies, and
  • a decision-making framework that highlights the questions to answer to ensure success when you’re considering a waste to energy technology solution.
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