Foresighting, Digital Transformation and Solving Global Sanitation Challenges

RTI Innovation Advisors

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  • Foresighting and preparing for the future 
    We use foresighting best practices and a structured methodology so that our clients overcome uncertainty when preparing for the future, and create compelling products, services and business models.  From April 29-May 2 at the IRI Annual Conference  Tom Culver and Jim Redden will teach our basic foresighting tools, provide an overview of trends in intelligent systems’ technologies, and explore with participants the implications of emerging intelligent systems on their organizations.
  • Digital transformation and innovation
    How do digital transformation and innovation work together to help companies achieve more? Or how do they conflict? Does digital transformation make innovation easier? Or does a focus on digital transformation make innovation more difficult? For answers to these and more, join us at the Innovate Carolina Conference April 5 in Charlotte, NC.  Discover the speakers and register for the Conference.
  • Solving sanitation challenges in emerging economies
    Since 2014 – as the implementing partner of the Sanitation Technology Platform (STeP) – we’ve supported the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s work to solve sanitation challenges in emerging economies around the world.  RTI International and the Gates Foundation established STeP to provide technical assistance to and support for the field testing and commercialization of transformative technologies developed by their partners. Earlier this year we entered the project’s third phase, during which we’re working with commercial partners to help them achieve scale in bottom of the pyramid markets.

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