Intelligent Systems, Cannabis Edibles and Regenerative Medicine. We can help you prepare.

RTI Innovation Advisors

Our August newsletter is out and highlights include —

  • Intelligent Systems
    They’ll change the way you do business and we can help you prepare. Join us for the SPRINGBOARD Conference, organized in partnership with Innovation Research Interchange, on October 23-24 at RTI International where you’ll hear from industry thought leaders and visionaries; participate in immersive experiences that include virtual reality lab tours and simulations and rides in North Carolina State University’s self-driving car; and learn how trends in intelligent systems will reshape your business or industry.
  • Cannabis edibles  
    With the cannabis-infused edibles sector rapidly growing and becoming increasingly competitive and over half of the states in the US having adopted laws that legalize cannabis for either medical or recreational use, our food and beverage companies are turning to RTI Innovation Advisors to determine whether this is a sector they need to be in and, if so, the best way to enter.
  • Regenerative medicine
    We are committed to helping our health care clients identify trends and plan for the future and we’ve developed a deeper understanding and appreciation for regenerative medicine.  We believe that regenerative medicine is a technology platform that R&D leaders should be following. It will be a game-changer in the way treatments and even cures are provided to patients and will be critical to the future of health care.

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