Post-COVID Consumer Needs and Innovation

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Highlights from our May newsletter –

Post-COVID consumer needs

To support food companies that have questions about consumers’ future wants and needs, we’ve partnered with IFT to host a virtual short course on “Using Design Thinking to Uncover post-COVID Consumer Needs.” From June 22-26, 11 am –1 pm EST daily, we’ll use many of our design thinking approaches and techniques to help participants identify what

  • customers and consumers need in new products, or from current products
  • customers need from the ingredients, materials, and equipment

Register to participate. Or get in touch if we can help you plan your innovation strategy to respond to post-COVID consumer needs.

Ingredients that do more

Increasingly, we’re working on how foods can improve mood – increase energy, focus, or relaxation. While clients come to us for answers to different questions, they share the primary challenge of understanding ingredients that impact mood. And that challenge comes down to one important question: does a particular ingredient really work?  Read more about how we’re working with clients to help them answer that question

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