Using Foresighting to Ensure Our Clients Plan for the Future

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An important part of our work is ensuring that clients understand the future, and identify critical uncertainties and understand emerging opportunities, markets, customer segments, and threats with enough time and information to act. We use foresighting best practices and a structured methodology to overcome the uncertainty our clients face when preparing for the future.

Exploring the future of intelligent systems

In October, we condensed our foresighting approach into an immersive two-day workshop – SPRINGBOARD – that explored the future of intelligent systems. We collaborated with IRI to schedule visionaries and thought leaders to share their perspectives on what the future of intelligent systems means for organizations.

Former General Manager and Vice President of Saffron Artificial Intelligence Group at Intel Corporation Gayle Sheppard, and IBM’s Chief Economist Martin Fleming shared their views on how attendees can predict opportunities and identify threats that emerging technologies present. Brian Bergstein, contributing editor at MIT Technology Review, shared that the truly intelligent system – the one that really matters – is our own organization, enlightened by advanced computing but always cognizant of its limitations and structured accordingly. Robbie Allen, CEO of Infinia ML; Richard Boyd, CEO of Tanjo Inc.; and David Baltaxe, chief intelligence officer of Unanimous AI hosted sessions where they shared their experiences with emerging technologies.

How will intelligent systems reshape your business?

Executives from leading organizations nationwide participated in order to learn from these thought leaders and from their peers. Through interactive sessions, our attendees were able to better understand how trends in intelligent systems will reshape their businesses or industries, and how they can implement emerging technologies in their organizations to increase value. Unlike typical industry conferences with disparate sessions around a variety of themes, we designed SPRINGBOARD to take participants through a condensed version of our foresight process, which was developed over months of research.

Over two days we used foresighting methods to explore key drivers of change, envision and experience alternate futures, and collaborate to uncover the implications of those futures on participants’ organizations. Participants completed their two days with us by creating plans to bring insights from SPRINGBOARD back to their organizations and use them to inform and inspire their colleagues and begin the work of preparing for the future.

When you want to raise the level of awareness and urgency inside your organization about the impact intelligent systems will have on your organization or understand other emerging trends that are shaping industries and capitalize on them, get in touch.


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