Our Work

crop fields being watered
We developed business model concepts to support an agriculture-technology product expansion into the Kenyan farming market.
emerging materials in healthcare
A leading global healthcare company asked RTI Innovation Advisors to help them understand emerging material technologies in select strategic areas. Our client’s goal was to stay ahead of the competition, and the company needed our expertise to explore evolving material research domains and consider emerging technical solutions
drop of water hitting a body of water
Micronic Technologies develops, patents, and commercializes an advanced water treatment system that removes virtually all contaminants from practically any water source and cleans to potable water standards. RTI Innovation Advisors identified commercial markets and commercialization partners, and positioned this woman-owned business to secure additional funding.
James Webb telescope sunshield
Research scientist Anne St. Clair and her team at NASA Langley Research Center developed a family of polyimides in the form of coatings and films that, unlike conventional yellow polyimides such as Kapton®, were colorless. They were also thin, radiation resistant, electrically insulative, and able to withstand high temperatures. NASA Langley approached RTI Innovation Advisors to identify...
NICU baby
Our client has focused historically on chronic disease treatment for the adult market, where it is a market leader. As part of its growth strategy, our client was considering expanding its existing product line and customer base by entering the pediatric market; the organization hadn’t previously worked in this space but believed there were significant growth opportunities. Our client needed...
artificial intelligence machine
Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to disrupt the health care industry, and providers are integrating AI into their processes to improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency and address costs.  Within clinical decision support (CDS), AI offers the possibility to automate routine tasks; provide access to the latest clinical trials; better use data to inform the care continuum; and...
technology scouting training
As Armstrong Flooring, Inc. (AFI) transitioned to a new, independent corporation, it committed to focus on innovation as a growth engine.  AFI needed a structured technology intelligence process to expand organizational capacity to explore, identify, and characterize external technologies to enable innovation.  The AFI innovation team approached RTI Innovation Advisors for customized technology...
plastic packaging over tomatoes
As the public has become increasingly concerned about packaging waste, retailers and manufacturers face mounting global pressure to develop sustainable alternatives. A leading multinational manufacturer of an extensive household and personal products line came to RTI Innovation Advisors for in-depth information about bio-based polymers and sustainable packaging. Our client has a long history of...