Accelerating a Science, Technology, and Innovation Ecosystem Across the Philippines

Philippines capacity building
Client: USAID Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for Development
We brought academia and industry together in the Philippines to drive innovation-led economic growth.

Client’s Need

The Philippines, with its growing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) talent pool, is on the brink of economic transformation. Recognizing the opportunity to harness the intellectual capital of the country’s higher education system to support Philippine prosperity, the country is working to increase collaboration between academia and local industry to accelerate inclusive innovation and drive economic growth.

Our Work 

To address the need for collaboration to accelerate innovation and drive economic growth, we supported Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for Development (STRIDE), a U.S. Agency for International Development-funded effort. 

Through STRIDE, we worked with universities, industry, and government agencies across the country to help establish best practices for cultivating university-industry relationships in two areas: (1) capacity building for universities, and (2) advising the government on innovation support in the high-tech sector.

To help universities, we created a five-module, capacity-building curricula and workshop series with leadership from top universities; the series strengthened industry-academia research collaboration, technology transfer, and commercialization activities. Our training covered a full spectrum of topics related to technology transfer, including licensing, portfolio management, partnering, user-centered design, operations, and knowledge management. Through 2017, we supported more than 40 universities in the Philippines in their work to increase collaboration and drive innovation across the country.

To advise the Philippine government, we completed an in-country needs assessment with industry stakeholders focused on the electronics/semiconductor, automotive, and aerospace industries. Four key needs were identified, and analyzed, such that strategic and tactical actions could be recommended to government policymakers. The final report, Driving Innovation to Deliver Economic Value: A Needs Assessment of the Philippines’ Technology Sector, highlights our research and recommendations.


STRIDE facilitates economic development in the Philippines by helping industries become stakeholders in university research; assisting universities in becoming market-driven providers; building institutional structures to support and sustain this system; as well as guiding the government in innovation policies and practices. As a result, we are helping build a stronger innovation ecosystem.