Accelerating Technology Discovery Through Technology Intelligence Training

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Armstrong Flooring, Inc
As Armstrong Flooring, Inc. (AFI) transitioned to a new, independent corporation, it committed to focus on innovation as a growth engine.  AFI needed a structured technology intelligence process to expand organizational capacity to explore, identify, and characterize external technologies to enable innovation.  The AFI innovation team approached RTI Innovation Advisors for customized technology intelligence training and follow-on support to develop the capabilities and competencies to support its innovation efforts and goals.

Leading up to training, we assessed AFI’s processes, resources, culture, and innovation stakeholders to customize the workshop and content to align with its systems. Because our workshops are based on experiential learning, we collaborated with AFI to identify internal technology intelligence projects that we would use; this allowed participants to apply our structured approach to their individual work. Over the two-day training, participants learned technology intelligence tools and techniques to assess internal needs and gain stakeholder buy-in; a repeatable intelligence gathering methodology; and strategies for “scouting solution” analysis and communication.  

Technology Intelligence Training Influences Innovation

Today Armstrong Flooring has made technology intelligence a critical piece of its innovation process. The organization uses our approach to anticipate and define early stage opportunities and inform and validate later stage projects. Our technology intelligence training continues to influence technology innovation across the organization from manufacturing processes, product development, and business operations, to building external partnerships and development programs.

Empowering Team to Make Informed Decisions

AFI has recognized many benefits from the technology intelligence training led by RTI Innovation Advisors, as summed up below.  

We researched many different approaches and processes to innovation. RTI Innovation Advisors provided the most logical approach to scour the landscape of technology, converge on the best ideas and proactively engage the entire organization in doing so.  RTI Innovation Advisors are top notch educators and their program is tailored to the client’s individual needs.  They do a fantastic job delivering the content in a way that is tied to real examples and emphasizes key takeaways. They educate not only innovators, but the entire stakeholder group needed to guide the research effort.  The technology intelligence tool set is easy to use and provides critical documentation to guide the functional team as it works. This process engages innovation teams in a way that empowers them to learn, communicate freely and make sound decisions more quickly based on knowledge of the current technology landscape.
Brian Beakler, Ph.D., Front End Innovation
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