Building an Innovation Management Framework and Approach

Client: Fortune 500 Food and Beverage Company
We worked with our client to develop an integrated approach to its innovation process and its research and development portfolio. 

Client's Need

A confidential Fortune 500 food and beverage company faced rapidly changing consumer preferences, a noisy technology space, and emerging market opportunities beyond its core areas of competency. The client needed a more structured way to

  • explore and adapt to these external factors
  • identify strategically aligned opportunities
  • bring market, technology, and user insights together in an integrated approach to help manage and drive its innovation process and research & development (R&D) project portfolio development

Our Work

RTI Innovation Advisors designed and deployed a tailored innovation framework that our client used to populate and manage its 1- to 5-year R&D pipeline, which resulted in a more strategic, informed, and efficient approach to innovating. This framework spanned the full innovation lifecycle, and actively drew upon integrated market, user, and technology insights to establish the basis for a robust R&D development pipeline. Our advisors and researchers guided cross-functional client teams to establish strategic intent, develop and consider a range of opportunities and concepts, and select specific technologies that are the basis of our client's R&D portfolio.

In addition to our innovation advising, other advanced research groups within the company leveraged our approach to intelligence gathering across technology fields, user groups, and market spaces.  We continue to support insights work through research and analysis covering diverse topics spanning alternative ingredient technologies, smart packaging, vending market opportunities, and user insights about fermented foods. 


After 3 years and dozens of collaborative projects with seven divisions across the company, we delivered strategic advising, extensive external research, detailed opportunity analyses, and evidence-based recommendations for R&D and strategic initiative teams. Our client has implemented these processes and insights to transform its innovation activity allowing technology development groups to be more market-focused and better coordinated across divisions and functions. The results of these efforts can be found in new products, processes, and packaging the company developed.

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