Demystifying Metal Additive Manufacturing

Metal Additive Manufacturing
Client: Energy Industry Leader
Our client identified metal additive manufacturing as high-priority, and we helped the organization understand the opportunity.

Our Client

Our client identified metal additive manufacturing as high priority. the company believed that significant additive manufacturing development and application was occurring outside its industry and that energy companies were also starting to explore it. They needed to 
•    understand the technology landscape and partners 
•    compare technical approaches and benefits and drawbacks of different materials 
•    evaluate leading players and positioning
•    identify future trends

Our Work

RTI Innovation Advisors conducted internal interviews to understand what the company assumed, knew, and wanted relative to additive manufacturing. Building from this, we explored leading and emerging application areas for metal additive manufacturing and identified the firms that are bringing new materials and processing technology to market. We identified activity within the energy industry to gauge the adoption level among competitors and collaborators. Lastly, we developed options for technology adoption and implementation. We delivered to the executive team our research and recommendations as a landscape report in an engaging magazine form. The report detailed material specifications, costs, and intellectual property, and profiled leading researchers and potential partners.


We helped de-mystify additive manufacturing for our client. We armed them with the insights they needed to move them from worry and concern to strategic understanding of the opportunity and how to invest wisely in adoption. Using our insights, our client established and subsequently expanded a center of excellence in additive manufacturing to foster awareness and adoption of the technology across its business units.


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