Developing a Landscape of Agricultural Robotics and Plant Diagnostics Technologies

farmer in a field
Client: Agricultural Products Company
We developed a landscape of technologies within plant sampling and in-field diagnostics to support our client’s potential move to automate current phenotyping activities.

Client’s Need

Our client relies on greenhouse and field trials to identify plant phenotyping performance. Researchers sample plant material regularly during the season, and this is a significant investment in labor and analysis. To improve operational and technical efficiencies, they wanted to explore options to automate the process.

Our Work

RTI Innovation Advisors conducted an inventory of existing capabilities and technical needs of our client's key personnel. Next, we developed a comprehensive technology landscape within plant sampling and in-field diagnostics to complement the identified needs. The landscape was divided into commercial-ready in-field robotics and advanced plant diagnostic R&D.


Using these insights, we expanded our client’s understanding of available technology to inform and inspire internal product development. This work codified the market-ready technologies and those that were under development. Through engagement with commercial suppliers, researchers, and industry observers, we identified components critical to the project's success and potential technology suppliers and developers best aligned to meet the client’s needs.


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