Evaluating Bio-Based Packaging for a Multi-Billion Dollar Manufacturer

plastic packaging over tomatoes
Client: Multinational manufacturer of household and personal products
As the public has become increasingly concerned about packaging waste, retailers and manufacturers face mounting global pressure to develop sustainable alternatives. A leading multinational manufacturer of an extensive household and personal products line came to RTI Innovation Advisors for in-depth information about bio-based polymers and sustainable packaging. Our client has a long history of environmental commitment, and sustainability is at the core of its brand and identity. The issue of bio-based polymers is of major strategic importance to the organization.

Vetting green technologies to drive innovation and the top line

Our client wants to be the first to move into a new area of bio-based polymers when the time is right, and our insights will enable it to do so. For almost a decade our client has relied on us to ensure that it has a broad and thorough understanding of new technologies, market opportunities, emerging technology players, and potential partners in the sustainable packaging space. 

We regularly provide insights regarding trends surrounding, developments in, and future applications of bio-based polymers produced from renewable resources. We look at market dynamics, the economics of different choices, technology updates, and the challenges of using these materials. We consider the regulatory environment and its impact on the industry. We analyze feedstocks and their availability, shortcomings or benefits, and highlight industry competitors who are bringing these materials to the market. Most recently, we identified technology startups and producers of biochemicals that are potential strategic partners.

Providing insights to guide investment decisions

Using our recommendations from our most recent advising, our client chose to defer a pilot that would have cost at least $100,000. In addition, our insights allow our client to evaluate the most opportune time to invest, and in doing so avoid what has the potential to be a million-dollar misstep, as an investment in bio-packaging through acquisition or partnership can climb as high as $1 million.  We continue to provide the organization with the information and contacts necessary to evaluate opportunities, drive innovation, respond to market demands, and grow market share.

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