Reducing Skyscraper Sway with NASA Technology

NASA satellite
Client: NASA
For more than 50 years, we have worked to move NASA technologies from the lab to market.

During the 1960’s, NASA wanted to find other ways that the U.S. could benefit from the technology developed through its space program. They needed a partner to consider its vast portfolio of early technologies, understand the value to industry, and connect the technologies with companies who could take them to market. 

Assessing technology for commercial potential

RTI Innovation Advisors has supported NASA in bringing its technologies to U.S. industry to create revenue, jobs, and economic growth, all while improving the human condition. We work alongside NASA to screen and assess technology for commercial potential and identify which to promote to industry. We talk with industry to understand the value proposition of each NASA technology that we analyze. We identify commercialization partners for these technologies which ultimately brings licensing deals to NASA.

One of our many our successful projects on which we worked with NASA Marshall resulted in a technology licensing deal and revenue. We helped NASA understand how a technology that damps vibration during rocket launches has value as a device to lessen vibration in skyscrapers, as it is less expensive and has a smaller footprint than current methods. We produced the collateral to communicate the value proposition and identified specialty structural engineering firms that would derive the most value from the new technology. And we helped NASA negotiate with a firm that prototyped and tested the new technology, ultimately licensing it and installing it in a Brooklyn, NY high-rise.

Enabling licenses, products

We have enabled more than 130 patent licenses and more than 70 new products while supporting NASA’s technology transfer program.

In addition, we have supported NASA Marshall’s success by closing an average of nine or more deals annually from 2012-2017 and climbing to a high of 16 in 2017. We also deliver the confidence that the right decisions are made in the best interest of the program and of the customers NASA serves within its inventor community.