Our Work

Sadi arabians signing innovation agreement
We helped create an organization that fills a critical research and development gap in Saudi Arabia’s innovation ecosystem
temporary emergency shelter
We identified, characterized, and prioritized opportunities for low-cost emergency shelter innovations for populations with insufficient housing due to disasters, war, or economic conditions.
Philippines capacity building
We brought academia and industry together in the Philippines to drive innovation-led economic growth.
business model images at CIMMYT
In partnership with the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center, we helped align technology features to the needs of farming stakeholders and define a business model hypothesis specific to Mexico’s Yaqui and Mayo Valleys.
We worked with our client to develop an integrated approach to its innovation process and its research and development portfolio. 
farmer in a field
We developed a landscape of technologies within plant sampling and in-field diagnostics to support our client’s potential move to automate current phenotyping activities.
three D printing
We identified trends and technologies that would influence our client's core business.
Metal Additive Manufacturing
Our client identified metal additive manufacturing as high-priority, and we helped the organization understand the opportunity.