Our Innovation Point of View

We offer insights, services, and solutions that span your innovation journey. From defining your innovation process to researching customer and market needs, scouting technologies and accelerating new ideas to market through a robust innovation ecosystem, we are your guide through your innovation journey.

Let Us Improve Your Innovation Journey

Our expertise in industries including agriculture, food, water, health, chemicals, advanced materials and consumer packaged goods combined with our technical knowledge and innovation experience helps our customers create new products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations, leading to new revenues and increased profits.

For over 50 years we’ve helped Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies, universities, and foreign governments unlock innovation potential.  Backed by a global research institute, we have access to renowned experts in a wide range of technologies and innovative thought leaders with deep industry experience.

Our Approach

We start our innovation work by understanding where our customers are in their innovation journey, their strengths and gaps and their innovation goals.  We bring our industry expertise, technical knowledge, and innovation experience to meet you where you need us most.

Your innovation journey begins with strategy and discovery and continues through development and launch. Each activity is critical to the success of the journey.  These activities are enabled by key capabilities such as your competencies, resources, and culture.  Our comprehensive approach addresses the activities as well as the capabilities and competencies and connects you to potential partners in your innovation ecosystem.

We meet you at any step in your innovation journey and create results.

We assist you along your innovation journey. 


Innovation Ecosystem