Reduced Impact Products That Support Line Extension

Over the last several years, innovative concentrated product formats have taken off: gels, liquid cartridges, powder concentrates, and tableted concentrates.  For many of our clients developing cleaning, personal care, and water-based beverages, these emerging formats are of interest because they mitigate a product’s environmental impact by 

– reducing plastics use and carbon dioxide emissions associated with shipping and

– reducing the need to use or ship massive amounts of water. 

The CPG clients we work with are eager to understand how to improve current products through reformulation or how to add new concentrated formats into existing product lines. Concentrated products bolster corporate sustainability efforts, allow a greater connection between the consumer and their everyday products, and enable consumers to feel positively about their role in reducing the product’s environmental impact.

There are challenges to transforming existing products into their concentrated format and creating new dilutable formulations. As we support research and development efforts and the numerous iterations required to bring new products to life, we provide answers to the following questions: 

• What emerging technologies support concentrate and dilutable product development?

• What is the best concentrated format to pursue for the product in question, and how do these formats compare to each other?

• What are the formulary considerations for these potential formats, and how will processing needs, shipping needs, and the consumer experience differ?

• What kind of packaging should be considered for this product, and how can it tie in with the sustainable story?

• Are there partners who can develop this new product and bring it to market?

• What does the patent activity look like: is the market saturated or is there room for more innovation? 

In our work with clients across food and beverage, personal care, and home care, we leverage insights, technology landscapes, patent searches, and broad industry experience to inform and inspire new product development. We identify enabling technologies and potential partners, critically assess approaches for feasibility and viability, and position clients to anticipate potential challenges. We recommend the most appropriate path forward, including technology approaches to adopt and strategic partnerships or investment opportunities that lead to commercialization and market growth.

Contact us today to learn how we can partner with you to achieve your sustainability goals and avoid competitive pressure. 

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