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We position consumer product brands to anticipate demands for new or improved products, interpret increasingly complex futures, and bring impactful products to market.

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Develop Solutions

Acting as an extension of your innovation and advanced technology teams, we provide rigorous, reliable intelligence on emerging technologies, partners, and growth opportunities.  We ensure your organization creates next generation products that are differentiated, sustainable and profitable.  

We uncover natural ingredients, advanced materials, formulations, packaging, and solutions across product categories. These include cosmetics, personal care, cleaning products, pest control, food storage, air care, smart devices, and more.  

Compete Successfully

Using our foresighting process, we enhance your strategic planning and define where you must focus your organization’s efforts to ensure success. We collaboratively explore future scenarios and identify future technologies, trends, needs, and opportunities that you need to prepare to respond to today. We translate these learnings into actionable insights that feed into your R&D roadmaps, technology development and investment plans, and other long-range strategies.

The result of our collaboration? We position your organization to anticipate how the future might unfold, and win today and tomorrow.

Client Successes

Generated $6 Billion in Revenue for Bombardier Recreation Products


Deal Sourcing for Corporate Venture, Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms


Vetting Green Technologies to Drive Innovation and the Top Line


Exploring Smart and Connected Devices in Lawn Care



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