Food and Agriculture

For organizations developing innovative food and agriculture products and services, RTI Innovation Advisors de-risks the path to market and catalyzes new growth opportunities.

Our Strengths

We advise teams working anywhere along the agriculture-to-food value chain. We bring experience in emerging technology trends from in-field automation to advanced plant diagnostics and sensors, emerging market testing, natural and plant-based ingredients, and novel processing. We understand the impact of shifting consumer demands on our food and retail system, and take a human-centered design approach to drive insights.

Our Work 

From user needs to deep technical insights, we help answer these and other questions:

  • Which emerging plant-based ingredients can provide a cleaner label and desired product attributes?
  • What new product features are a “must” for our target farmer segment in developed and emerging economies?
  • What is the landscape of autonomous robots available today and in the future to help us improve in-field operational efficiencies?
  • Which processing techniques will reduce color and nutrient loss in our final product, and which partners can get us there?