We work with major healthcare providers to build capacity, define the path to monetization for internally developed innovations and adapt their models of care so they compete more effectively and grow revenue.


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Move Ideas to Impact

We combine care delivery experience with scientific and technical expertise to meet the needs of technology developers, care providers, and government agencies. We assess opportunities from multiple perspectives.  And we work at the macro-level to define growth strategies and alternative business models and at the micro-level to evaluate clinical and care delivery technologies.


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Compete Successfully

Our healthcare services span the innovation life cycle and we position you to compete successfully.

  • We develop strategic roadmaps through horizon scanning and technology scouting capabilities.;
  • We assess the transformative potential of existing or emerging tools,  such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence via our clinical landscape offering.
  • We determine market opportunities for newly developed medical and care delivery innovations using our commercialization services.
  • We establish or enhance your organization’s innovation capacity.
  • We identify new markets – domestically and abroad – using  our human-centered design capabilities.


Client Successes

Identifying Applications for Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in Clinical Decision Support


Identifying Emerging Opportunities in the Pediatric Market


Ensuring Continued Market Dominance Through Technology Forecasting



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