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We de-risk the path to market and catalyze new growth opportunities when you need to formulate products to meet consumer preferences, tastes or trends or develop innovative agriculture products and services.




Uncover Your Opportunities

We work with senior executives in innovation and R&D of food companies and food industry suppliers: packaging companies, processors, ingredient suppliers. We help them grow revenue and product lines, identify white space opportunities and emerging technologies, and solve their technology challenges.

We provide strategic innovation consulting to build capacity and accelerate growth; uncover insights about emerging technologies and trends and identify new opportunities in the value chain.

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Solve Your Challenges

From user needs to deep technical insights, we solve our food and agriculture clients’ toughest innovation challenges.

  • Which processing techniques will reduce color and nutrient loss in our final product, and which partners can get us there?
  • Which emerging plant-based ingredients can provide a cleaner label and desired product attributes?
  • What new product features are a “must” for our target farmer segment in developed and emerging economies?
  • What is the landscape of autonomous robots available today and in the future to help us improve in-field operational efficiencies?

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