Manufacturing Technology and Innovation

We work with manufacturing companies to define your long-term vision, uncover new opportunities, identify the right technologies, and build your partner ecosystem – and position you for growth.  

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Transform Your Manufacturing Operations

Do you need to increase production efficiency? Improve product quality? Understand recent technologiesIdentify new partners or grow your product line or market reach? 

We can help.  

As scientists and engineers with industry experience, we understand your technology challenges, and know how to solve them. We ensure our manufacturing clients understand process and product related challenges, can assess alternatives, uncover solutions – and create lasting results.  

Uncover Opportunities

With a critical look at the technical side of your manufacturing challenge, we’ll work with you to uncover  

  • new markets that can help your company meet its revenue and growth goals 
  • new raw materials, formulations, and processing technologies that improve performance, process efficiency, and sustainability 
  • domestic suppliers to increase your company’s supply chain resilience 
  • technological and societal trends and their implications to your business. 

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Client Successes

Creating Value Through Technology Scouting


Growing Manufacturers’ Revenues Through Accelerated Technology Adoption


Uncovering the Right Manufacturing Partner  with Technology Scouting


Validated a $7 Million Market Opportunity for Medical Technology Manufacturer



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