Water & Sanitation

We work with organizations to identify, prioritize, and invest in solutions that respond to global concerns around water scarcity and access to adequate sanitation.

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Our Strengths

We understand the water and sanitation sector’s complexity.

We identify existing and emerging technologies that meet the most pressing needs of the greatest number of people worldwide.

And we bring broad experience that includes building capacity to providing insights on projects from water quality sensor landscaping to dry sanitation or waste processing.



Our Expertise

We solve our clients’ toughest innovation challenges by

  • providing strategic consulting to guide future investments, assess opportunities, and support partnerships;
  • integrating market intelligence, user insights, and technology transfer in planning and commercialization processes;
  • developing and launching sanitation technologies
  • field testing prototype technologies; and
  • supporting product development activities to direct go-to-market strategies in emerging markets.

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Our Experts

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