Accelerating to Market

We Help Clients Streamline the Path to Market by Defining Value Propositions, Assessing Markets and Engaging Partners

We support organizations funding and developing new and novel technologies by helping bring those early prospects to reality. We bring technical and market understanding to our clients and help sift through portfolios to find the winners, determine the best commercial applications, and find and assemble the right partners to enable impact.

We help our clients find answers to the following kinds of questions:

  • Which technologies in my R&D portfolio have the greatest potential for success?
  • Which assets have a competitive advantage and can make a real impact?
  • What are the most promising opportunities for my technologies? What needs do they address? Who would value these technologies and why?
  • Who are the major players in those spaces? Which could be partners or competitors?
  • What’s the best way to reach potential partners or licensees for a technology?
  • What needs to happen to get my technology to scale and prove its value? Who can help us do that?
  • What is my technology worth? How should I structure partnership agreements?

Our Services

We customize combinations of the following in support of our clients' needs:

R&D Portfolio Management. Our portfolio-level clustering, prioritization, and assessment results in a clear indication of technologies that warrant further investment. We use proprietary tools that provide a systematic method for capturing and assessing factors that influence transition success. Our tools enable standardized benchmarking and comparison among technologies within a portfolio, facilitate discussions around commercialization with inventors, and guide planning of transition support.

Opportunity Assessment. We analyze technical and market opportunities using secondary research and direct market feedback from potential users, manufacturers, licensees, and industry observers. Our structured, efficient methodology provides the insights needed to make informed patenting and licensing decisions. We help our clients understand market opportunities, including segmentation and size, value chains, competing technologies/products, and barriers. We highlight how different industries operate and organize to increase the possibility of a successful translation of technologies and future economic growth.

Technology Marketing. We define and implement marketing and communication strategies that translate science and innovation into a business or partnership proposition. We create collateral, identify prospects and engage with potential partners to explore opportunities to mature, transition, and market a technology. We can develop and publicize success stories across channels, attend and/or present at relevant trade shows and conferences, and target outreach to facilitate interactions with potential licensees/collaborators.

Partner Engagement. Our structured approach for partner identification is based on a proprietary process. Our process has been successfully implemented for projects with NASA, National Institute for Standards and Technology, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and others.