Building Capacity

We Build Capacity to Improve and Sustain the Discipline of Innovating 

While process and pipeline management are a critical part of innovating infrastructure, we emphasize people. To grow and compete through innovation, it's important that organizations build their teams’ capabilities and competencies. We can help with capacity building when

  • you’ve seen our technology intelligence, front-end of innovation facilitation, or communication skills and want your people to learn how we do our work
  • you need behind-the-scenes help collaborating, coordinating, or communicating across functions
  • you need to build your teams’ skills getting senior executives and other stakeholders buy-in
  • you’re in transition and need to create or adjust a strategy or process to respond

Our Services

We provide a full spectrum of innovation training, packaged and customized, and our programs include classroom and experiential learning components. We've developed comprehensive train-the-trainer programs and more focused efforts to build specific skills for individuals and teams.

Our off-the-shelf curricula include     

  • Technology Intelligence (technology forecasting, landscaping and scouting)
  • Technology Forecasting and Trends Analysis (looking ahead to guide strategy and focus investment)
  • Customer Insights for the R&D Organization (customer research for engineers)
  • Communication for Innovation (storytelling, experiences, and buy-in for disruptive ideas)
  • Surviving the Front End of Innovation (mindsets and practices for the front end)

Add coaching once your team has gone through one of our training sessions, or request our expert spotting for a high-stakes project. Building new organizational capabilities requires change on the part of both the organization and the individual. Learn-by-doing is a must, but follow-up one-on-one coaching helps your staff reinforce their new skills and provides troubleshooting for when the classroom context doesn’t match real life.

Custom advising 
We’ll work with you to assess your organization’s innovating strengths and weaknesses, understand the barriers (be they technological, industry-specific, or cultural) you’re up against, and create a bespoke program to meet your innovation goals.