Go-to-Market and Technology Transfer

When you're challenged to monetize your R&D, decide how to go to market, or identify and attract partners, RTI Innovation Advisors can help your organization maximize value from your R&D and intellectual property investments. We help organizations identify, assess, and develop ideas to build value by way of deals, new products, or new ventures. We provide clarity in this important step in your innovation journey.


commercialization process


Charting a Successful Path

We can help you accelerate your path to market. Whether you have a single idea, invention, R&D project or intellectual property, or a portfolio we help you understand market realities, test your value proposition, and build and execute a successful strategy.

Scalable, Repeatable Solutions

We help evaluate and leverage R&D portfolios for Fortune 500 companies, major government research agencies, and universities. Our models scale from projects aimed at one specific invention, technology, or business method to significant portfolios. We bring our technical, market, and user intelligence and awareness to your path to market.

We accelerate your best ideas, technologies and intellectual property to market.


how we help with commercialization