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We unlock your team’s potential, and transform your innovation capabilities, culture, processes, and projects. We help you use foresight to plan for the future and connect you to your innovation ecosystem. All so you can produce breakthrough products and services that drive growth.

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Using frameworks, assessments, training, and mentorship we implement change in your organization—and ensure you’re prepared to innovate successfully long after our work together is done.

  • Strategy development. We align your capabilities and goals to emerging opportunities, customer needs, future trends, and market adjacencies.
  • Process development. We implement innovation processes and tools or evaluate and improve your existing ones.
  • Capabilities development. We build and train your innovation teams, design your innovation structures and governance models, and identify and remove cultural barriers.
  • Project leadership. We define and lead innovation projects resulting in an incremental and disruptive impact to deliver new products, services, and business models.

Compete Effectively

What technologies, shifts, and trends will impact your industry in the next 12 months or 10 years? What and how will consumers be buying as a result?  How will you uncover growth opportunities or define technology investments to ensure you outperform the competition?  How can your organization plan for an increasingly complex future?

If you’re struggling with these questions, consider foresight. We use this structured methodology to help clients—on-site or virtually—consider uncertainty as part of their innovation planning.

In collaboration with your team, we visualize probable or future conditions or events, explore them, and plan for them and your organization’s future. We identify trends and build scenarios—so that you understand emerging needs and opportunities, markets, customer segments, and competitive threats with enough time and information to act.

Innovation occurs in a complex environment–the ecosystem–where actors across government, academia, corporations, the entrepreneurial community, and small and medium enterprises interact to bring opportunities to impact. Your innovation ecosystem grants you access to creativity, business insight, scientific discovery, or investment capital. It’s where you turn your ideas into products, services, or technologies to create economic impact, develop new capabilities, or access new markets.

It’s possible for organizations to innovate alone. But your innovation journey is most impactful–and meaningful–when completed within the ecosystem.

When we connect clients to their innovation ecosystems, we solidify their competitive positions and enable innovation to thrive.

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