Insights for Innovation

Reliance on internal perspectives can limit innovation.

With more than 50 years helping clients innovate, we know that accurate external perspective is critical to your success. Our customized insights allow you to understand the world of the possible, develop a portfolio of innovations, forge partnerships, and identify and prioritize opportunities. The insights we provide ensure that you avoid disruption, move forward quickly with confidence, and create impact for your business and customers.

Our Insights Inform Your Decisions

We offer you the intelligence and insights your organization needs to make informed decisions and innovate successfully. We provide user insights that inform desirability; technology insights that inform feasibility; and market insights that inform business viability.

Our Approach

We’ve refined our structured and rigorous insights methodology over our 50 years of working across industries, technologies, and markets. Our consultants go beyond the obvious and push the limits – and themselves – to identify sources that help you understand how consumer preferences, technologies, and markets are evolving. Acting as an extension of your team, we provide research that answers your specific questions or informs your unique situation, and offer evidence-based recommendations you can trust.

Our insights work translates to less development risk, faster time to market, better build versus buy decisions and an improved understanding of user needs.

We provide the technical, market, and user intelligence and awareness you need to make informed decisions.

Our Insights Methodology 

Innovation advisors' insights process